August 8, 2008

In this i will but the score of every jets game. So every week i will edit this post.


(1)JETS 24  BROWNS 20



August 8, 2008
Bret Farves Jets jersey

Bret Farves Jets jersey

Bret farve was traded to the jets!!! Now chad Pennington is a free agent. Well just for now any way. The Packers made a huge mistake, well thats my picture of it. A hall of famer. Gone. Now a jet. Thats good.


August 8, 2008

Im back!!! sorry about the wait. I had other things to be ready for new posts and spred the word

HAPPY ST.PATRICKS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 17, 2008

st.patricks dayHello and happy st.patricks day!!!Every thing green,and I hope you all are having a good st.patricks day!!!Well I am!Well theres not much more to type so bye bye!!!!Happy st.patricks day!

2007jets clubpenguin name 2007  happy st.patricks day


March 17, 2008

clubpenguin st.patricks dayits clubpenguin St.patricks day!!!Its all green.Green green green!!!!My favorite coloor.Its a big party on clubpenguin.Im the only penguin not in green.Well just in the will allways find me in mamoth.Allways at a differnt time.Well see you on clubpenguin.Happy ST.Patricks day!!!

2007jets clubpenguin name 2007


March 15, 2008

There are a lot of myths on clubpenguin.One very big myth is ninjas.It’s hard to say if there real or not.Also thres also a myth that you can be rockhoppers buddy.That one I beleive isnt true.Almost everyone has tyed it,but it never workd.Also that Aounatic is a real penguin.That one could or not be true.No one that i know ever saw her.Myabe he just goes on a server no one else gos on.Those where some clubpenguin myths

2007jets  clubpenguin name -2007


March 15, 2008

SNOW ON CLUBPENGUINsnow on clubpenguin is was during a christmas party 1 or 2 years was an amazing site!!!If you didnt see it,then thats to bad.If you saw it like me you where probably for you who didnt see it,this is what the puffleshop looked like!!!!I hope you like it!!!!!!!!

March 13, 2008

My friends wordpress,is you like clubpenguin,you should go there.It has a lot of facts about clubpenguin.If your new to clubpenguin you should also go there.He also makes videos you can see them on his wordpress or youtube.So remember to go on his wordpress,and dont forget to visit me at


February 9, 2008

The NEWYOYK GIANTS win the super bowl!!!Just as i wanted it.GIANTS17-PATRIOTS14.An amazing game.I saw every paly and Eli just did great!Tom Brady was hit 18 times.Thats is good,well for a GIANTS fan.It was a great superbowl.I’m just gald the PATRIOTS lost.Well again,that’s good for a GIANTS fan.I hope you enjoiyed the SUPERBOWL.Also to remember to cheak in on my wordpress


February 2, 2008

Today is groundhog day!!!In my area our groundhog said early spring!!!I just hope he’s right.leave a comment under this post to say what your groundhog saw!!!I hope you had early spring too,unless you like winter.So just leave a comment ,and don’t forget to enjoy the site!!!